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Hello world! This is Amir, I specialize in front-end web development and design. I got involved in web development ever since I was introduced to the web in 2007. I focus on writing clean code and creating accessible and user centric and progressive web apps. Although the passion in my work is focused on the design part, I pride myself on my ability to build elegant front-end tools with powerful back-ends. Since quality is a key factor in what I do, I also decided to learn software QA to be able to work more professionally and add more quality to my work. Aside from my passion for the web, I also have deep interest and experience in open-source hardware (Arduino) and cybersecurity. Outside of work, I play electric (Heavy Metal/Blues) and classical guitar, I also DJ (Techno/House) every now and then at underground clubs and venues.

My Portfolio

Artist Website


A portfolio and biography website that exhibits the work and creations of a renowned artist. Built with a full responsive and interactive design.
Photography Website


A portfolio and biography website for a professional photographer and artist based on WordPress with optimized mobile display.
Gaming Website


Built in 2007 using a french gaming CMS called "Nuked-Klan". Although every CMS comes with a pre-written code, I modified almost 70% of it using just a text editor at the time. It has four themes I designed using Photoshop.
Educational Website


This one was the first serious project made for an educational insitution. It's a content management portal designed for teachers to create workshops for kids in kindergarten and elementary schools.

My GitHub

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My Blog

Cannot fetch blog posts! For now, you can read them here.

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